• 8.2.18: According to Mt. Sinai Hospital: 144 companies  are working on blockchain projects for health and biomedical uses. The companies have raised a combined $670 million through initial coin offerings and venture capital funding, according to the database.
  • 1.21.18: How do you prove that a transaction on a blockchain is valid – while at the same time keeping the identities of the parties involved confidential?  The answer is an approach known as Zero Knowledge Proofs ZCash explains all in this seven minute video. In this particular case, ZCash and JP Morgan are using a Zero Knowledge Proof approach to hide the two parties in a financial transaction – but you can visualize other applications of this technology in areas where confidentiality is paramount – such as personal health records.
  • 1.16.18: Two interesting companies (Etherisc and Fizzy)– both using smart contracts on blockchains. Both offer flight delay insurance. You pay a premium for a specific flight. The smart contracts monitor airline schedules. If your flight is delayed according to the schedules, you are automatically paid your benefit. (Thanks to an article by Ketharaman Swaminathan of  GTM360 Marketing Solutions).
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