Special Post for Oliver Ames HS Class of ’72 – Project 64

  • Dear august members (present company excepted) of Oliver Ames ’72,


  • As Noreen noted on Facebook, we tossed the idea around of a short video – not unlike the one we did in 2012 (<–click to view).
    • Independent of above, I had been thinking about a video set to the tune of “When I’m 64” (<– click to hear) for a certain marital occasion in 2018.
    • Then when Noreen e-mailed me – I thought “who else do I know that may have recently turned 64 or will in the near future”?
    • I seem to recall over 100 people who once lived in Easton, MA who might be in this group.

Step 1

  • Step 1 is finding out who is interested in contributing photos/videos to this noble effort (or perhaps just “effort”)
    • We know we have these esteemed alum!
      • Linda Burak
      • Jay Lupica
      • Gail Miller
      • Kevin Mullen
      • Patty (the Virginian) McAndrews
      • Charlene (Richard) Pontbriand
    • In addition, I think we have Jeff Bergeron.

Step 2

  • Step 2 will be a modest outline of sorts and getting material together.
    • For example: if you listen to the song – the chorus has that staccato: “When …. I’m … Sixty …. Four” – think 4 different people saying each word … or a growing collection of faces as the phrase progresses.

Step 3

  • Step 3 is editing above.  Looking at the calendar – we’d want to have everything together by11/12/17.


Signed, Stanley Kubrick, HAPCO Films